PlacesBar Editor

PlacesBar Editor 1.0.2

Add your favorite folders to the open/save dialog


  • You can select any folder and also use system folders
  • Ability to test changes before applying them


  • Dull interface

Very good

While you may have dozens of folders in your hard drive, the ones that you really use on a daily basis are probably very few. Now, imagine being able to access these folders directly, instead of having to browse the whole file system every time you want to open or save a file in each of them... wouldn't it be nice?

This is precisely what you can do with PlacesBar Editor. This simple tool enables you to edit the folder list that appears on every Open/Save dialog in Windows, so that it features your most frequently used folders and not simply some standard system folders that you hardly ever use.

The program uses quite a dull interface, especially in comparison with other similar tools like PlacesBar Tweaker, but it works perfectly well. It enables you to add special folders (Control Panel, Program files, Cookies, Application Data and so on) or just about any folder you choose. You can even preview the results before actually applying them. And whenever you feel like going back to the standard folder list, simply select "Use defaults".

PlacesBar Editor boosts your productivity by making file management much faster and easier.

PlacesBar Editor is a free utility for Windows 2000 and Windows ME that allows you to customize the "PlacesBar" that appears on the left side of the Open and Save dialogs in most applications.

The PlacesBar is a set of shortcuts to commonly-used folders, but wouldn't it be more useful if you could determine what "commonly used" means for yourself, instead of letting Microsoft define it for you? That's where PlacesBarEditor comes in.

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PlacesBar Editor


PlacesBar Editor 1.0.2

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